10 Things I have learned about life from working with flowers.


Flowers are fleeting- Just like the life span of a flower, life is fleeting.

I spend a lot of time doing things and feeling emotions that I wonder, when I look back at them,  if I will tell myself I was squandering what little time I had.  It is a constant struggle.  My time with my children, my time with my family, making people happy with my gifts and sharing my love with the people around me.  That is what matters.  That is what will linger long after everything else fades away.

There is beauty in every stage of the flower’s life cycle- Flowers go from tight bud to just barely open to full bloom and finally, seed pod.

This year I will be 29 years old.  Okay, okay… I turned 30 years old.  Kidding…kidding- I am actually 41 years old.  41!  How did that happen?  In my head I am  still 29!  I have come to realize that the gifts that can only come with 41 years of experience are now mine.  I can look back on my teen years, my 20’s and my 30’s and see beauty in ever stage.   Now if i can just figure out how to have the teen’s energy, the 20 year old’s body and the smarts of the 30-40 year old, I will be golden!

Keep the water clean and the flowers will live longer- If all your flowers have to drink is funky, gunky water they will die before their time.

Same with people.  This a hard one for me mostly because In-n-Out is sooo…damn…good!!

To expand on that same idea, flowers die faster if they are around other rotting flowers.  I truly believe that it is the same with people. People in your circle should lift you up and help you reach new heights, not drag you down to new lows.  I try telling these thoughts to my 13 year-old. But I am pretty sure all he hears is “wah wah wah wah .” like the adult’s voices in the Charlie Brown cartoons.

No matter how hard you try, you just can’t make a flower bloom before it wants to- Flowers grow and develop in their own time and when they are ready.

Ever wanted something so bad you would do just about anything to make it happen?  Then road blocks come up and disasters happen but you persist.  Sometimes it is better to let things happen naturally and in their own time.  Some of my most epic fails have come from situations in which I kept going with a trip or a project when all signs told me to stop.  But I guess my stubbornness has made for some great stories.

Flowers follow the sun- The fancy word is phototropic.  Flowers will turn their faces and track the sun across the sky. 

I have found that following my heart is always the right way to go.  Whenever I go against my inner-voice and my intuition I get myself in trouble.

Never be friends with someone who does not like flowers- Seriously?  It is like saying you do not like rainbows, puppies and that new car smell.  Run away- they are dead inside.

There is harmony in every combination-  Flowers can be combined in countless ways.  In a garden you will see them intertwining and mixin’ it up.  I cannot think of a single flower and color that do not “go” together.  Even if it is the disharmony of a combination that makes the combination beautiful.  

I think people are like that too.  Sometimes it is our disharmony that makes us interesting.

The flexible will be strong and survive.  Have you ever seen a flower growing out of a crack in the side walk or a tree that has grown around and engulfed a fence post?  

Sometimes problems arise and I have to think about how I going work around that problem and turn it to my advantage.  It is hard to not dig my heels in and say “But that is NOT fair and it is not the way it should be done!”  My inner two year old often wants to stomp her foot and throw a temper tantrum.

There will be snails, mold and thorns. Yuck!  Ewwww! Ouch! I cannot tell you how many times I have opened box of flowers, anticipating the beauty within, only to be greeted by slimy stems and dropping petals.  Life is like that sometimes.  Jim and I will have a romantic date planned only to get in a fight on the way to the restaurant.  I guess it makes me appreciate when everything goes smoothly and the way I expected.

Flowers need rain. Not every day can be sunny.  Rain is a necessary for growth.

Most days are tiring, filled with minutia and have not enough time in them.  But it is special little glimmers that keep me going.  It seems like I have a perfect snap shot of all the people I love frozen in my memory.  I can remember sitting in the rocking chair and gazing down at a newborn Evan sleeping in my arms.  I can see Harrison running towards me on wobbly and unsure toddler legs.  I have a clear memory of Jim playing the drums in a smoke filled club.  It is the perfect moments that help me through the crappy times life seems to dish out with regularity.  It is the loving little moments sandwiched between ringing phones and dust bunnies that make it all worthwhile.


**all images taken by ‘lil ol’ me!