2007 Wedding Season- the good, the bad but NEVER ugly!

December 3, 2007

I thought it would be fun to write about some of the major mishaps of the 2007 wedding season.

As everyone knows when you are planning a wedding there are a lot of moving parts. Because there is so many elements that go into producing a wedding there is a lot of room for disaster to strike. But have no fear- I think we handled the problems pretty well. You be the judge (Names and places have been changed to protect the innocent)!

The Murder of an Innocent Window

While delivering wedding flowers at a local country club I locked my keys in the car. This mistake should have been a minor inconvenience but I had also locked the ceremony flowers in the car. I forgot to mention, the set of keys (now locked in the car) were the only set in existence for my vehicle.

The clock was ticking with the ceremony only 45 minutes from starting. I did not have time to call a locksmith to open the door of the van so I sucked up my courage and BROKE the passenger window!

To add insult to injury, we were battering the van window with a brick when my car enthusiast cousin (who was visiting from Southern California) decides to drop by to see me in action at one of my weddings. My cousins whole life revolves around cars. He restores cars, sells car parts and builds cars. Needless to say he was horrified by the act of violence against my vehicle.

The bride was not aware of the vehicle drama playing out in the parking lot. The ceremony flowers were gorgeous and in place on time.

I learned to always, always have a spare key in my toolbox, hidden under my car, in my purse, at my Moms house and hanging from my dogs collar.

Fallen Comrades

This story is more of a general planning mishap. But I thought it was a good story to mention because the bride and groom never lost sight of what was important. Their marriage!

It was a gorgeous Sunday of Memorial Day weekend at Capitol Park. Perfect weather and the bride and groom are in love. Everything was right with the world.

The ceremony was to take place in the rose garden near the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. As we are setting up the ceremony the DJ and I notice a loud (very loud) list names being read over a PA system placed right by the wedding site.

Come to find out there is a service being held at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial that includes the reading of every fallen solider during the Vietnam War.

The bride and groom took everything in stride and it was a beautiful ceremony. Their love for each other and their friends and family was obvious throughout the day.

I learned love conquers all (even the slightly morbid)!

Cherry Blossoms- The Harbingers of Doom

Months prior to her mid-April wedding my bride and I settled on a decor plan that heavily relied on the gorgeous blooming cherry blossom branches. Centerpiece and ceremony arrangements were to be Asian inspired, simplistic designs of tall blossom branches in clear trumpet vases.

The week prior to the spring wedding I arrived at the supplier to pick up my cherry blossom branches. The branches were in such tight bud no color whatsoever was showing. Just as a point of reference here are some photos:

This is how the cherry blossom branches needed to look on the wedding day:

This is how the branches looked when I picked them up:

Yikes! Big difference!

I went straight into fix-it mode. I had five days before the big day. Surely I would be able to get the branches to bloom by then.

The major factor I had working against me was the weather. In order for the branches to bloom I needed warm, bright and sunny days. The weather was cold, wet and dreary with no signs of letting up.

Some of the techniques I tried to get the blossoms to open included: fresh stem cut and warm water, pounding the cut end of the branches, double doses of flower food, space heaters, misting, bright UV lamps, coaxing, prayers and tears. I pampered and babied those branches like they were at a spa in Napa.

Come wedding day the branches only had about 1/4 of the blossoms opened. I even went as far as buying silk cherry blossoms and hot gluing the individual flowers on the unopened branches. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

My assistant was keeping a positive attitude. She kept telling me the centerpieces were going to be gorgeous. But I had giant prehistoric butterflies in my stomach telling me differently.

As we started to set-up the centerpieces I looked through the gale force wind and driving rain to spy a big tree branch that had fallen during the storm. What caught my eye was the gorgeous light pink blossoms covering the fallen branch.

We got permission to cut from the branch to supplement the centerpieces. What a find! the centerpieces looked lovely and perfect in the room. The bride was thrilled beyond belief. All is well that ends well.

I later found out my saviour tree is a Black Locust tree. Not a very good name for such a lovely tree. Here are the blossoms:

I learned to always keep an eye open for the unexpected and to keep a positive attitude!

I treat every wedding as it was my own. So when something goes wrong I am right there trying to fix the problem. The bride never has to know what is going on behind the scenes.

Thank you to all of my wonderful 2007 couples. I had a blast!