January 27, 2010

Real Wedding Wednesday- Jennifer and Josh!


How much do I love these pictures I just received of Josh and Jennifer’s wedding from photographer, Sarah Maren?  I want to run away with them to Mexico, live in a hut on the beach while surviving only on our love, Mai Tais and ripe mangos.

Jen and Josh had a fairytale wedding this past October.  I just adored the colors.  Raspberry, tangerine, lime and peach (what is it with me and fruit today?) colors blended to give their event a richness and warmth that was second only to the love shining in their eyes.

Sarah is an amazing photographer!  Check her out- you will thank me.  As an added bonus her super cute husband, Dustin is her second shooter.  You get a double dose of talent on your wedding day.

Beth Baugher : 09:39 January 27, 2010
AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME ! LOVE these photos. Great flowers AND photos ! What a team.
Erica Thompson : 11:06 January 27, 2010
Ahhhh just gorgeous! Love every little detail!
janet : 08:43 January 28, 2010
Absolutely gorgeous! I love the colors you used for this wedding! Somehow I've missed a bunch of posts... I'll try to resubscribe.
janet : 11:04 January 28, 2010
Yay! My new feed is magically working!
Montreal Wedding Flowers - O.XIDE Design : 12:13 January 28, 2010
Stunning pictures, I love the use of warm colors!
Jen Stewart : 12:20 January 28, 2010
Shannon, BEAUTIFUL flowers, I just LOVE them! And Sarah, of course, beautiful photos, I just love your work :)
Sarah Maren : 18:09 January 28, 2010
Seriously Shann... you ROCKED this wedding. It was just freaking perfect. I'm so excited to work with you again this year. You are just amazing! Thanks for the blog love. :)

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