January 29, 2010

Cascading Bridal Bouquet


Cascade bridal bouquets are making a comeback in a big way. But this is not your Mother’s bridal bouquet.

Cascading bouquets can be made with branches, ribbons and charms, greenery and of course flowers.  Do not be afraid to use color and texture to make a statement and make this traditional look reflect you and your personality.

Images by: Sarah Maren for Real Weddings Magazine, True Love Photo, Sophie Maher and Wendy Hithe

Beth Baugher : 20:38 February 6, 2010
so many flowers so little time....some of those bring back some FOND MEMORIES... misty water color memories in fact. LOVE these. you rule the world of flowers !
viv : 15:54 February 15, 2010
Shannon--Always loved your site. Are these in bouquet holders for the most part,-or could you hand-tie any of these??How would the dens,be for a cascade hand-tie bouquet? BEAUTIFUL work!!!!!
Shannon : 09:58 February 16, 2010
HI! The more traditionally shaped cascades are in holders and the more modern and funky bouquets are hand tied. I have done cascades with dendrobiums forming the cascade in both methods. If I am doing a hand tied cascade with the orchids I will use Oasis glue to attach the orchids. The orchids will hold pretty well. Just make sure to spray them down well with Crowning Glory.

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