I am so excited! My designs were featured on ubloom. Ubloom is a website filled with inspiration, knowledge and community for florists. I am totally addicted to this site. To have my designs noticed and appreciated by other floral designers is the highest compliment. All I can say is “You like me, you really like me!”

Here is the post:

by uBloomBlog (By Lisa Luck)

Exquisite designs, captured by stunning photography, are what you’ll find when you view Shannon Cosgrove-Rivas ‘ new Bridal Bouquet picture gallery.
The bouquets are absolutely AMAZING, and rival anything seen in popular floral trade magazines. I was so impressed with Shannon’s breathtaking designs that I had to find out more about them and get Shannon’s “take” on her creations. I asked her how/where she got her inspiration for her designs and this is what she said,
“When I am designing a bouquet, I try to encapsulate the bride’s personality, the wedding theme, and season all into one hand held creation. Some of the more practical design aspects I always consider are the flower’s hardiness and weight along with the balance and size of the bouquet.”

When you view Shannon’s pics, you will immediately notice how incredible the photography is and how well her bouquets present themselves in the pictures. Shannon takes special care to make sure her bouquets are going to show their absolute best when photographed. Here are some of Shannon’s “Petals of Wisdom” when it comes to making bouquets look great for the bride as well as in the photographs.

“I think that one of the most overlooked, and quite possibly, the most important element to consider when designing bridal bouquets and wedding flowers is, how the finished designs will look when photographed. Too white, and the bouquet will blend into the bridal gown. Too solid and monochromatic, and the bouquet will appear as a colored “blob” in the photos. If the greenery and textures used are too fine, the camera will read the design as “messy.” If the bouquet is too big, it will overwhelm the bride in the pictures. Conversely, if the bouquet is too small, it will make the bride appear giant by comparison (never a good look!).”

“I am often asked to design bouquets for photo shoots. I look at these shoots as a great opportunity to grow as a designer by taking risks with flowers, textures and colors.”
I also asked Shannon to give me some background info on her favorite bouquets and here was her response. “Some of my favorite bouquets have come from the craziest combos. The bouquet in the gallery with deep purple Vanda orchids, trailing bittersweet vines, pumpkin orange celosia, golden yellow ranunculus, ruffled gloriosa lily, chartreuse green roses and shiny fatsia leaves make my mouth water and bring a smile to my face. What a wacky combination, but it totally works. Most brides probably would not want this bouquet, but when they see the picture, they appreciate the color combination, the floral textures, and the skill it took to design the fantasy bouquet.”

Well, I can’t imagine any bride not wanting one of Shannon’s designs, and as for myself, I’ve become a HUGE “Flourish ” fan!!!

Once you view pics of Shannon’s Bridal Bouquets by Flourish , you’ll become a “Flourish” fan too!