Bouquet to toss

Tossing the bridal bouquet to the un-married women at your reception is a tradition many brides and grooms still observe.

First about the tradition from Lora Ward of A Day to Remember:

Tossing the Bouquet – Similar to the custom of tossing the garter, this tradition began centuries ago. Brides traditionally carried a bouquet of aromatic bunches of garlic, or fruit blossoms, herbs or grains – these scents were thought to drive the evil spirits away and they symbolized prosperity. However, in those “olden days” the wedding guests tried to get a fragment of the bride’s clothing as a symbol of good fortune, sometimes tearing the wedding dress apart before the bride even left the celebration (good grief!). Out of self-defense, the bride would toss some personal item and generally would throw her bridal bouquet. This custom evolved where the bride would then toss the bouquet to the single ladies in belief that the lucky recipient would be the next to marry.

Many brides and grooms have done away with this tradition believing it to be antiquated. Here are some other ideas for flower fun with out the “old maid” connotations:

The Honor Bouquet: The MC or DJ will call out all married couples out on the dance floor. The couples will be released based on length of time they have been married until the bride and groom are left dancing with the longest married couple. That couple would then be presented with the bouquet.

The Special Couple: Invite the couple you whos marriage you hope to emulate out on the dance floor. Present the bouquet to them with a short speech about how they are role models for your own marriage.

The Free-for-all: Have your floral designer make a toss bouquet that will break apart when tossed into many miniature bouquets. When you throw the bouquet to your girlfriends everyone will get a piece.

The Fortunate one: Variation on the break apart bouquet. Attach fortunes to the mini bouquets such as “You will marry for love” or “You will live a long life filled with happiness”. It is also really fun to include some inside jokes specific to the friends you know will catch the flowers.

PLEASE DO NOT TOSS YOUR REAL BRIDAL BOUQUET! I never type in all caps because it is like yelling at you. But this is important! Do not toss your actual bridal bouquet. There are many reasons this is not a good idea. It is expensive, It can be preserved, You can save the ribbons and or jewels as a keepsake- but if those reasons are not good enough- your real bridal bouquet will be surprisingly heavy. So throwing it at people can be a liability. Funny but true!

Images by: Sarah Maren Photography and Artistic Imagery