December 26, 2008

Candles add a warm and romantic feeling to your event. I love using candles of all shapes and sizes to add a sense of intimacy and luxury to my client’s wedding decor.
A few things to consider when decorating with candles:
Safety first- always use glass to shield the flame of the candle.
No scent is good sense- Un-scented candles are the way to go when decorating at an event where food will be served. Heavily scented candles can interfere with the enjoyment of food. Additionally, some of your guests may have an allergic reaction to the scent.
Mix it up- a variety of shapes, sizes and color candles can communicate homeyness and will give your decor a little something special.
More is better- 6 to 9 votive candles per guest table (provided you have the space) will give your tables a romantic and flattering glow.
Beat the heat- If your wedding is planned for the hottest months of the year use less or battery operated candles.
Make the glow last- Tealight candles (the little candles in a metal or plastic cup) typically do not last long enough for the average wedding reception. You want to choose candles that have a burn length of 6 or longer hours.
Images by: Allison Stahl, Diana Miller, True Love Photo, Wendy Hithe, Christa Hoffarth and Flourish