Centerpieces- different can be beautiful

I think it lends interest and fun to a reception room when you have a variety of centerpieces. Often times we will design half the tables with a tall arrangement and the other half with a low arrangement. Another idea is to use the same tall vase in a different way.

When designing your reception centerpieces you will want to make sure the different centerpieces relate well to each other.

The centerpieces on the right and left were from the same wedding. The vase was used in two different ways to achieve an interesting look. This can also be a way to save money. By having only half your tables with full arrangements you can save quite a bit of scratch.
Another way to add some interest is by designing half your centerpieces full and lush and on top of a tall vase and the other half a more simple version and in a low vase. The two centerpieces below were from the same wedding. The bride wanted a “Wow” effect but was able to save some money by scaling back on some of her tables.