Enchanced Echeverias

The Echeverias plant is all the rage. Long lasting, easy to care for with a clean and modern sensibilty it is no wonder the Echeverias has captured so many hearts.

For this project I chose Design Master Color Tools to highlight and accent the natural beauty of the Echeverias plant, Perle Von Neurnberg.


Design Master Color Tool- Raspberry
Design Master Color Tool- Lavender
Design Master Color Tool- Hyacinth
Design Master Color Tool- Violet
1- 6 inch Echeverias plant
1- 14 inch tall clear cylinder vase
White aquarium rock
40- 2 foot long curly willow tips
10- Silk or fresh white dendrobium orchids
Bind wire
Wood picks with wire
Cold glue
Sandwich bag


1. Paint 10 curly willow stems Lavender
2. Paint 10 curly willow stems Hyacinth
3. Paint 10 curly willow stems Violet
4. Set painted curly willow stems aside
5. Pour the white aquarium rock out 2 inches deep on a newspaper covered flat surface.
Spray the top of the rock with Raspberry, allow to dry, stir the rocks and spread them out 2 inches thick once again. Repeat with each color until at least half the rocks are showing color.
6. Spray moss with Lavender color tool until mostly covered.
7. Remove Echeverias plant from pot. Knock off most of the dirt. Place the plants root system in a sandwich sized plastic bag. Secure the bag around the root ball with bind wire.
8. Gather the painted curly willow stems with the left over unpainted stems and form into a loose wreath shape. The size of the wreath should frame the outer most leaves of the Echeverias plant.
9. Fill the cylinder vase with painted rocks ¾ full.
10. Place Echeverias on top of the rocks in the cylinder vase and fill around the root ball with painted rocks until the root ball is no longer showing.
11. Frame the Echeverias with the curly willow wreath and secure into place using wood picks.
12. Lightly paint the centers of the white dendrobium blossoms with Raspberry Color tool.
13. Attach the painted dendrobium blossom to the curly willow wreath using cold glue.
14. Finish around the opening of the vase and under the Echeverias plant with the painted moss.