Flower Favies- Tints, Shades and Tones

Perfect summer day here in Sacramento, Ca.  I am sitting on my deck as I type this blog post listening to kids playing in the swimming pool, wind chimes ringing and leaves rustling.  I am taking the time to enjoy this moment of temperate weather and relative peace.  Before I know it I will be knee deep (probably literally) flower clippings and cursing the 100 degree weather.  But right now, this is the perfect summer day.

Time for another installment of Flower Favies!  Today I want to talk about one of my favorite ways to combine colors- by playing with tints, shades and tones of one color.  Sit back, you are about to get schooled.  On color theory, that is.  A tint is made by adding white to a color, a shade is made by adding black to a color, and a tone is made by adding gray to a color.  The fun happens when you combine the colors by using varying tints, shades or tones.

Photo by True Love Photo

This bouquet was designed using tones.  Taking the bright and true red of the anthirium and add a little gray you have the burgundy lip of the lady slipper orchid and the hanging amarathus.

Photo by Christopher Kight Photographers

This bouquet was designed using tints.  Take the bright red/orange of the dahlia and add  white and you get the color of the  Orange Unique roses.  Using the brick colored mums and add a smidge of white and you have the red mokara orchids.

This bouquet was designed using shades.  Taking the mauve colored cymbidium orchids and add some black you will get the deep burgundy dahlias.  Take the light red mokara orchids and add black and you will have the color of the Black Magic roses.

I love color!  When I was a kid I thought the world was black and white before the 1950’s.  Then somewhere around the invention of the color TV the world jumped to Technicolor.  Much like in The Wizard of Oz.  I remember thinking how I would hate living in a black and white world.