Flowers are good for you- Macy

A while back I ran a “Flowers are good for you” contest. In honor of a medical study that found having flowers around you lowers stress and improves health. I asked my blog readers to nominate someone they felt deserved a “pick-me-up” to receive an arrangement.

Gerica, one of my past brides, wrote me this letter:

“My little 2 year old daughter, Macy, has endured more in her short life than my husband or I combined. Last summer we started noticing that she was having a lot of balance problems and difficulty walking. She had been steady on her feet for months then all of the sudden things changed. By the time she was 18 months old her knees were grossly swollen and she could barely stand let alone run around like other toddlers her age. After 2 months of labs, doctor visits and worry she was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA).

We have spent the last year of our lives trying (most times unsuccessfully) to get this disease under control. Within 6 months of her diagnoses most of the major joints in her body (ankles, knees, wrists, elbows, etc) were all flared up and she was in severe pain. She has had 3 minor surgeries and is currently taking 5 different arthritis medications to finally have some relief.

She may only be two and a half but she inspires me every day. Her entire life has been spent in pain, in/out of doctor’s offices and at times unable to participate in the “normal” life of a toddler. But she is so resilient and does not let it slow her down. I can only hope to have the determination

and perseverance that she has! We have “surprised” her with little things over the last year so that she has her special moments… pedicures with mommy, daddy bringing home balloons, new stuffed animals…. Little things. I LOVE to see the smile on her face and see her light up and for a moment just be a “normal” happy kid!

I wanted to “nominate” Macy for your giveaway because she loves flowers and gardening with my husband. When we are driving around town she will point out all the different color flowers to me. Her favorites are the “beautiful purple flowers” at the gas station.”

To read more about Macy and her condition take a look at the article The Sacramento Bee recently published about Macy and her family, here.

Macy is the 2010 walk honoree of the Sacramento Arthritis Walk on May 1, 2010 at William Land Park. To make a donation please go to Macy’s page, here.

The pictures are of the arrangement I delivered to Macy. What a sweet little girl. I know she has a beautiful and bright future ahead of her. One that is hopefully pain free.