In Order of Importance

December 21, 2009

Choosing where to spend your floral budget can be a difficult decision. You want your dollars to go to good use and have the most impact.

Personal flowers: Anything anyones holds, carries or wears. These flowers will the most photographed and remembered on your wedding day. Spend the money to get exactly the look and design you want for your wedding. This category should be the one place you do not skimp.

Centerpieces: Your guests will spend most of their time at their tables. Choose your centerpieces to have the most impact. Be creative, have a sense of humor and have fun with your centerpieces. Give your guests something to talk about.

Cake flowers: The cake is the center of the reception. The first thing your guests will do after finding their table is go take a look at the cake. If you are opposed to fresh flowers on the cake (I know, sometimes people are) flowers around the base of the cake is a lovely alternative.

Ceremony flowers: The focus of the ceremony should be the marriage. Of course it is wonderful to have an abundance of flowers but if your budget does not allow for flowers everywhere you look, focus on the ceremony area. I design all the ceremony flowers to be re-used in some fashion at the reception for added decor.

Guest book table: It is nice to welcome your guests with an arrangement at the guest book table.

Head table: Most of my couples opt to use the bridal party bouquets as the head table decor. To add something extra to the re-purposed bouquets try pillar candles in large hurricane glass.

Place card table, food tables, and other areas: It is nice to have a beautiful floral arrangement in these areas but going simple or foregoing flowers in these spots altogether works as well too.