December 28, 2010

Jeanette and Nathan-Sacramento Wedding Flowers


I am a card carrying member of the Jeanette fan club.  She was a dream bride and so easy on the eyes too!  Thanks to Allison Stahl- Super cute Sacramento Wedding Photographer for sending me these pictures of Jeanette and Nathan’s wedding flowers.

I label all the Personal flowers so there is no confusion.  I guess the maid-of-honor liked her tag and kept it on her bouquet.

Super sweet flower girl pomander of orchids and roses.

We made flower rings for the wedding day helpers.  So much more fun than a traditional corsage- don’t you think?

Purple and red bridal bouquet?  Yes, and it is such a pretty color combination for wedding flowers.

The altar arrangement was moved to the head table at the reception.  Double the pleasure- double the fun!

Congratulations to Nathan and Jeanette!

Stephanie J Designs : 12:38 December 28, 2010
Love the red with the purple and plums!
ashleywatson : 00:33 January 1, 2011
Wow.....beautiful wedding. Flowers are the main attraction for the wedding and the best for the decoration. I just love your blog. Pics are really beautiful.
Sandra Hopkins : 10:45 February 6, 2011
I love the color combination of red and purple. It's quite unique, have not seen a lot of those colors during weddings. The photos are excellently shot! Thank you.
Sara : 08:48 February 10, 2011
How did you make the flower rings? I love them and have such a huge wedding party/group helping that they would be so perfect. I would appreciate any direction you can give me. Sara
Shannon : 14:57 February 10, 2011
Hi Sara- Email me directly at Thanks!
Nicole Smith : 01:23 June 10, 2011
I love their motif. And they are as gorgeous as the flowers. I wish them an everlasting love.

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