Jewelry inspired bridal bouquets- Brooch Bouquet

I recently designed these two bouquets- the one on the left for a bridal open house and the one below for a fabulous photo shoot (More from that shoot soon!).

I wanted to show these bouquets not only because they are fabulous (I know, right?) but because I wanted to talk about how other designers can inspire my work.

I came across the beautiful brooch bouquets designed by the wonderful Fantasy Floral.  I loved everything about her brooch bouquets. What a beautiful and special way to use sentimental pieces to make your bridal bouquet.  Most of her bouquets are made from pieces she collects from the client.  The client provides her with jewelry, brooches and other pieces from her family members and Fantasy Floral then works the jewelry pieces into a special bouquet the bride carries down the aisle.

I decided to use the same idea but give it my own twist by adding fresh flowers.  These bouquets are actually using all the same jewelry.  I just re-worked them into two different bouquets.  The jewelry is 1/2 vintage pieces from my grandmother and great-grandmother and 1/2 new pieces.  I had such an amazing time  designing these bouquets.  They were even more amazing in person.  Total show stoppers.

For some instructions on how to make one of these lovelies check out Fancy Pants Weddings- How to make a brooch bouquet