November 19, 2009

Keeping it funky fresh


Way back in the day- floral design was my hobby. I am a big believer in having a hobby that keeps you creative and gives you a fresh outlook on life. When floral design became my career I quickly realized that I needed a hobby outside of my job.

What do I love? I love papers and fabrics (even though I do not sew), I love color, I love home decorating (seasonal and everyday) and I love my family and friends. All of my hobbies reflect these loves. Card making, collecting Dept. 56 Halloween villages, and most recently photography.
I have been dabbling in photographing families and children. It is so fun to step outside what I do everyday and try on a different chapeau. I have been photographing friends and family and friends of friends and family.
Is this a new career in the budding stages? Probably not. I love flowers way too much to ever give them up. But I have found photography gives me a new way to view composition and color. And that new view has made me a better floral designer. Plus I love having a new way to express my artistic side.

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