Meet Shannon

Locally Grown and Seasonally Available Flowers in Sacramento, CA

Locally Grown and Seasonally Available Flowers in Sacramento, CA

I started Flourish with the belief that every wedding should be an unique reflection of the couple.  Every couple has a story, and that story is beautiful. Whenever possible, I use locally grown and seasonally available California grown flowers, I am thrilled to inspire and tell my client’s unique story using the freshest and most amazing flowers.

My husband, Jim, and I were married in 1994.  Aside from having everyone we loved in attendance, we knew a few things needed to happen for our wedding to feel authentic to us as a couple.  I wanted a wedding gown that was simple and classic (It did have a butt bow… it WAS 1994), Jim, a musician, wanted to choose all the music, and I had to carry peonies down the aisle. I wore a floral brocade gown and carried Sarah Bernhardt peonies. We danced the night away, with our closest friends, to such gems as “The Groove is in the Heart” and “Friday I’m in Love.”

I could fill this space with how I have been designing floral arrangements for 30 years, and my designs have been published in local and national magazines and wedding blogs, I am a sought after speaker and educator etc.  However, while experience matters, the main reason you should choose Flourish to design your wedding flowers is that designing flowers is my passion. Being able to share that passion with my clients is my life’s work.

When I design flowers for a wedding, I am as invested in those flowers as I was in 1994 and I placed those precious peonies in my bridal bouquet.  Every time I see a pink peony I think back to that day in May.  Your wedding flowers should be just as perfect and just as meaningful.

Passion, creativity, and a love for flowers is what matters.