January 6, 2010

My adorable niece’s wedding


I love my job! One of the many reasons I have the best job on earth is when a friend or family member has a wedding I am lucky enough to have a front row seat in the planning. Usually I am in charge of the flowers (natch) but this past September when my sweet niece was married not only did Flourish design the flowers (thanks Mai!), I was second shooter for the amazing Beth with True Love Photo

My husband’s family is from El Salvador. So when my niece and new nephew were married,
the ceremony was filled with traditions and special meaning. I love to see couples include their cultural traditions in their ceremony. It makes the event so meaningful to them and their families.

The reception took place at La Provence in Roseville. They did a great job they did at La Provence! Service-perfect, food-delectable, setting- picturesque.

What a fabulous place! We had dinner out on their patio under the olive trees with the setting sun as our backdrop.

Party time was inside the venue and let me tell you- this family can dance! And dance! And dance! I think the servers at La Provence had to kindly tell us when it was time to leave.

I love fun touches- my favorite part of the evening was when we made smores over the open fire pit. What a great way to top off the night and a great way to bring the kid out in your guests. Memorable and tasty.
Janet : 13:04 January 6, 2010
Gorgeous photos Shannon! I need to take some photography lessons from you!
True Love Photo : 16:02 January 8, 2010
Shannon you did such a great job at this wedding....both with the flowers and as my cool second shooter. I LOVED this wedding ! So many amazing memories. I also loved how they blended in their culture to their special day. A good time was had by all

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