On-line reviews and your wedding

When I meet with my brides I always ask how they found my company. The answers vary some what but “referral” is the number one answer.

Referrals by another wedding professional or a past bride are an indication that I am doing my job well. These brides are coming to me because someone they trust says Flourish does great work. I have also found most brides have done some checking on Flourish before they meet with me. Including reading reviews from the many on line websites focused on businesses and the wedding industry.
Most businesses out there will tell you that on-line reviews are a great way to cement trust in your company but that they can also be a repeated and persistent thorn in the side. There are many problems with on-line reviews.
* A review, whether positive or negative, can be left by anyone. That includes a company’s competitor, a friend of the business owner or even the business owner themselves.
* There is no moratorium on how long reviews can be displayed. So unlike your last traffic ticket, reviews will not fall off the company’s record after a certain number of years. They can still appear on line years after they were first posted.
*Reading a review posted two years ago may not be a good indication of how the company runs today. Businesses change hands, the quality of customer service goes up and down.
I thought it would be worthwhile to mention how reviews, while a useful tool, should be taken with a grain of salt. If you were to search Flourish today and read all the reviews posted by clients you would see they are wonderful and glowing. And I am happy to be able to read the kind words left by our past clients.