January 5, 2010

On the way "in"- Lady Slipper Orchids


Part of my job is to forecast trends in wedding flowers. One flower that I think is up and coming is the Lady Slipper orchid.

Unusual, sexy and rare the Lady Slipper orchid is the perfect flower to add a twist to the traditional bridal bouquet.

But bargain shoppers beware, this lady is no cheap date! Expect to pay about 20 dollars per bloom. I say she is worth it!

Is there a trend in wedding flowers you think is up and coming?

Image by True Love Photo
Lora Ward : 21:41 January 5, 2010
If you say it's a trend... then it must be so! Very unusual and attention grabbing.
Great flower lady : 19:22 January 10, 2010
you are so right... I am using them all summer!! I hope!

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