October 1, 2008

One Saturday, Two Weddings


This past weekend we were at The Sheraton and The Vizcaya. The two weddings were very different but totally amazing in their own way.

Theresa and Daniel had their wedding at Sacred Heart with the reception following at The Sheraton Grand Hotel. Thanks to Rachelle from Rachelle Photography for the rockin’ images!

Gabby and Devin had their event at The Vizcaya. I loved the interesting flowers and colors. Plus- cupcakes! Yummy!

Thea : 12:51 October 29, 2008
Way rockin cupcake decor Shan. Lordy you have talent.
Dynamite Weddings : 10:21 November 14, 2008
Mmmm...cupcakes! Each flower is perfectly placed throughout their cupcake tower. It's too pretty to eat. Awesome job Shannon!

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