January 7, 2010

Perfect 5 star rating on Project Wedding!


We just received this e-mail today from Project Wedding:

“Congratulations! You have received a perfect 5-star rating on Project Wedding! Your clients love the impeccable quality and service that you provide, and we are excited to award you with this elite distinction.”

You love us! You really love us!

Tell us: When planning your wedding did you read on-line reviews as part of your decision making process?
Janet : 14:46 January 7, 2010
Why am I not surprised? ;)
Your flowers are always amazing!
Thea : 16:27 January 7, 2010
Dear Shannon,

CONGRATULATIONS! It is so amazing to see your clients and industry give you the credit you are due. I've known you for a very very long time. When we were young together I knew you would do the flowers for my wedding. How could I know such a thing so long ago? It's not because you are my friend and an amazing person. It IS because for as long as I've known you, you have had unparalleled creative vision paired with an impeccable ability to know the perfect flower for the occasion. You also have a rare ability to see the whole picture and the impact your part has on it. The grace, enthusiasm, intuition, wisdom and skill you bring to your "work" are evident in every arrangement. I am so glad you spread beauty and make people happy with flowers. And as many of your clients have stated, you brought all that and more to my wedding for which I am grateful - but then again, I always knew you would.
Anonymous : 09:04 January 8, 2010
Congratulations Shannon. You are an incredible designer and deserve it! I am not surprised. Have a great day.


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