Vizcaya Sacramento, Ca
February 3, 2010

Real Wedding Wednesday- Jill and Jacob


Vizcaya Sacramento, CaWeek two of our Sarah Maren love fest!  Sarah sent us these pictures from Jill and Jacob’s wedding and I squealed when I opened the files.  Sad but true.

Jill and Jacob’s wedding took place this past October at The Vizcaya in Sacramento, Ca.  When Jill met with me for the first time and she told me about her color palette of red, ivory and aqua I was thrilled!  what a fun color combination.  Since there are no true aqua colored flowers we brought the color in with the use of ribbon and tinted water.  Can I just say I loved Jill’s Cake?  Fun, fun, fun!

Dave Shilling : 17:03 February 3, 2010
I've always loved that color combo.. excellent work Shannon! I like how the centerpiece sprouts flowers.. like a beautiful fungus!
Lora Ward : 21:22 February 3, 2010
Man you're good!
Beth Baugher : 20:36 February 6, 2010
Beautiful ! l am LOVING YOUR BLOG SHANNON : )
Montreal Wedding Flowers - O.XIDE Design : 12:01 February 10, 2010
I love the design of the cake and the use of real flowers very fresh!
Tara McHugh : 18:50 February 19, 2010
Did the blue dye effect the color of any of the flowers?
Shannon : 20:36 February 19, 2010
No, they were just fine. :)

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