Rootie, tootie fresh and fruity

December 23, 2008

Fruit is a fabulous design element in floral displays. Not only is fruit a great way to bring the season into your designs it can also help strech your decorating dollar.

In the spring use bright green apples and pears mixed with soft pink Esperance roses and fluffy Sarah Bernhardt peonies. In the summer citrus fruit is all the rage. Use sliced lemons, oranges and limes in your centerpieces and watch your guests admire your fruity sense of fun. In the fall it is all about abundance. Bosc and Seckle pears, shiny deep red apples and gorgeous bunches of purple grapes will give your decor a seasonal flair.

Images by: Christa Hoffarth, Andrea’s Images, Bella Rose, True Love Photo and Flourish