Sacramento Wedding Flowers- Citrus colored wedding at Wine and Roses

June 4, 2010

Corrine and Ben planned their lovely wedding long distance while they were both in medical school.  They chose to have their wedding at Wine and Roses in Lodi, Ca because the lovely spot was centrally located for their families to gather.  When I spoke to Corinne she told me she was envisioning flowers that were elegant and fresh and cost effective.  Her bridesmaid dresses were are tangerine orange color and she wanted the flowers to contrast and compliment the dresses.

Corinne’s bridal bouquet consisted of callas, green and orange gladiola blooms, cymbidium and dendrobium orchids finished with a simple wrap of ivory taffeta.

The chuppa we used for Corinne and Ben’s ceremony in a wrought iron structure I designed and my Father built for me.  It is gorgeous and so sturdy!  The main problem I have had with chuppas is them falling over if there is a breeze.  As you can tell by the ribbon streamers flipping happily in the wind, my chuppa stands strong!  In case you are wondering,  CHUPPA: A chuppa symbolizes the home that the couple will build together. While a Jewish marriage is still considered valid in the absence of a chuppa, a chuppa is still considered a basic requirement for a Jewish wedding.

You can see some of the detail of the metal work in this picture.

I just love this color combination.  Bright orange and green is such a happy and bright pairing.