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Now Touch the Air Softly
By William Jay Smith

Now touch the air softly,
Step gently. One, two….
I love you till roses
Are robin’s egg blue;
I’ll love you till gravel
Is eaten for bread,
And lemons are oranges,
And lavender’s red.

Now touch the air softly,
Swing gently the broom.
I’ll love you till windows
are all of a room;
And the table is laid,
And the table is bare,
And the ceiling is reposes
On bottomless air.

I’ll love you till heaven
Rips the stars from his coat,
And the moon rows away in
A glass-bottom boat;
And Orion steps down
Like a diver below,
And earth is ablaze,
And Ocean aglow.

So touch the air softly,
And swing the broom high.
We will dust the gray mountains,
And sweep the blue sky;
And I’ll love you as long
As the furrow the plow,
As However is ever,
And Ever is Now.

I have always loved this poem. It is so romantic. My husband and I used a passage from this poem on our wedding invitations. We also had our officiant read the poem during our wedding ceremony. A couple of years ago I gave my husband a new wedding ring with “and ocean aglow” inscribed inside. My husband and I do not really have a “song”. But this poem is certainly “ours”

Guess I am just feeling sentimental!