August 29, 2007

Terra Nostra- The Brown Rose


There is a new rose called Terra Nostra being developed by the French grower NIRP.

It is a wonderful color but I think it needs to be more of an accent rather than a main player in a bridal bouquet. Imagine this rose paired with flowers in dusty pink and champagne hues. Romantic! Or how about the milk chocolate colored rose pair with deep purple and burgundy? Mysterious and sexy!

I think this rose has definite possibilities. I am looking forward to working with this beauty in the future. It may be a while though, it can take a long time to bring a rose from the development stages to the flower markets.

Still “craving” chocolate colored flowers for your bridal flowers? Try these gorgeous choices: chocolate cosmos, magnolia leaves, fiddle head fern fronds, fountain grass, chocolate sunflowers and scabiosa (annual).

Anonymous : 19:44 September 18, 2007
I just love this rose.. I saw it in a bridal magazine and immediatly contacted my florist to see if she could get it-no she couldn't-but still I want it... Just to decorate my home with it. The colors of my wedding are ivory and brown-so it would be a perfect match.... I am sure everyone would love it.....when it does become available.
Shannon : 09:17 September 19, 2007
Unfortunately it may be a while before the rose is available to the market.

The developer's website is:

When you search the rose you will see that there are no countries growing the rose at this point and the rose has not been assigned a VBN code (a code the flower needs in order to be traded in the HUGE dutch auction houses).

I am afraid it may be quite some time before we can see these roses in our everyday lives!

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