December 22, 2009

The most disappointing bridal bouquet, ever


I was never a religious watcher of the HBO show “Sex and the City”. But I did pop in every once in while to see what Carrie and her gals were up to and wearing. I really enjoyed the fashions on the show. Sometimes it was with a loud “Oh no she didn’t!”.

When I saw the movie I was so

excited to see what Carrie’s bridal bouquet would look like. Boy, was I so disappointed! Her dress was incredible, her veil was incredible (bird on her head is still out to the judges) her bouquet was NOT! A bridal bouquet should compliment and elevate the bridal ensemble. Much like a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Carrie’s bouquet was sloppy, amateurish, half dead (note the petals on the ground) and ho-hum. The only thing good about her bouquet was it exploded quite nicely when Carrie used it to beat up Mr. Big.

What bouquet would I have designed? Maybe something like this (on the right):

Image by: Justine Belson
Brassavolas Floral Couture : 14:16 December 23, 2009
I completely agree with you on this! The UGLY bouquet is all that you can see...not the dress, not Carrie nor the veil. It's not that difficult to hire a decent florist to design a fabulous one. I actually envisioned her holding a much more dramatic cascade...imagine how much more it will hurt when she smack Mr.Big with it?!
Lisa (Official Budhead) : 16:02 January 1, 2010
Carrie's bouquet was unbelievably atrocious! It in NO way measured up to the rest of her ensemble, let alone complimented it. Frankly, it looked like a kindergartener designed it...although I believe a 5 year old would have designed a more creative arrangement than what that sad mess of a bouquet looked like!

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