The Trust Factor

April 17, 2007


Recently I was asked by a bride to describe my favorite wedding. I thought of all the weddings over the years that I have designed. My favorites had a sense of community and trust amongst the bridal couple and their hired wedding professionals. As a team the bride, groom and the professionals worked together to make a memorable event happen. Big or small budget didn’t really matter. It was the feeling of teamwork and trust that made the planning process and wedding day a joy.

I designed wedding flowers for Kara last fall. I had so much fun working with her and her ideas. She certainly made her style and vision known but she also gave me some design leeway to make her wedding flowers stunning. I was excited by the little touches and elements I had added and I knew she would love. As a result of the trust that Kara and I had fostered her wedding flowers were more than her wildest dreams!

When I have a design partnership with the bride it gives me the freedom to choose the most bountiful and gorgeous flowers available. I feel free to choose a few extra special touches to take the floral designs from the realm of just pretty to truly stunning.

A partnership in the wedding gives the professionals involved a vested interest. Wouldn’t you want your professionals to be as excited about your wedding as you are? That is what the trust factor is all about. Your professionals trust you let them do their best for your event and they, in turn, make your wedding day perfect, stress free and a memory to cherish.
Images by Sharpe Photographers