Thoughts on why it is best to choose seasonal wedding flowers and price is not one of those thoughts. 1

Your wedding flowers should look as though they belong and at home in the season in which they will be enjoyed.  Your flowers, much like fashion, should be seasonally appropriate.  You would never wear a parka during mid-summer and, I believe, you shouldn’t carry peonies down the aisle in the winter either.  It looks uncomfortable, out of place and doesn’t make sense. 2

When it is fall in Northern California it is spring in New Zealand.  Guess what?  In New Zealand in October, peonies are blooming and I can get them shipped directly to my studio door. 3

But then I have to ask myself these questions:  What shape will the peonies be in when they arrive?  What if the flowers are not suitable for use when they arrive?  What sort of impact will shipping flowers from across the world have on the environment?  What sort of conditions were the flowers grown under?  etc. etc. and on and on… 4

Some of the benefits of using flower when they are in season is they are more vibrant, longer lasting and larger in size and stem length than out of season blooms. 6

I do not want to seem hypocritical.  Do I use flowers that are not grown locally?  Yes.  Do I use flowers that are not seasonal for my area? Yes. 6

But I really think about my choices before I spend my dollars and my client’s dollars and I make best choices I can considering the  flowers I am using and the designs I am making. 7

Most of the time I buy Northern California grown flowers.  If what I need is not available in our region, then I buy California grown flowers, then West Coast grown flowers, then expanding outward.


Next time you see a picture of an amazing bridal bouquet, be flexible and be open to seasonal choices that will capture your vision.  We are incredibly lucky to live in the number one cut flower growing area of the Untied States.  Take advantage of that fact and choose some gorgeous blooms that will be sure to amaze you AND honor the season in which you were married.


I took all these pictures when I attended a class given by Sarah and Nicolette of The Little Flower School.