Trendsetting wedding flowers- Martha Stewart

There can be no doubt to the major influence Martha Stewart’s empire has over the wedding trends.

In the world of wedding flowers I can name so many trends that started in the pages of Stewart’s “Weddings” magazine. Hand tied bouquets, detailed ribbon treatments, the use of garden flowers, the use of herbs, fruits and vegetable in decor, mono-variety bouquets (use of a single
flower en-masse) and vintage inspired decor are all trends began or gained popularity in a photo spread of the iconic magazine.

For me, the bouquet of the cover of the first issue of “Weddings” will always be most important of all the thousands of images that have been published in the magazine over the years. When brides first starting coming to me with this image I was amazed. The bouquet was lovely to be sure but, for several reasons, not practical for the rigors of the wedding day. The bouquet would be heavy, take forever to create and Ex-pen-sive.

A few fun facts about the featured bouquet:

*The bouquet was made with over 150 roses
*Each rose was individually wired to achieve the heart shape of the bouquet.
*This bouquet weighed approximately 20 pounds.
* The bouquet would take approximately 4 hours to create.
*The retail cost of this bouquet would be about $700.

And so began my love hate relationship with Martha Stewart’s “Weddings”. I love that the magazine encourages brides and grooms to personalize and pay attention to the details of their weddings. I hate that the ideas and decor featured are often not practical. But then, I love that the
magazine inspires couples to include unique elements in their day.

Nearly every wedding professional has a mixed reaction to Martha Stewart’s “Weddings”. But those same professionals will agree the magazine has revolutionized the way modern weddings are conducted.

For better or for worse do you, Shannon, promise to keep reading? I do…