Wedding at The Firehouse in Old Sacramento


One of the hardest thing about sitting down to write a blog post this time of year is simply finding the time.  Between decorating gingerbread houses, breaking up fights between the Teen and the Tween, wrapping a pile of presents the size of Kilimanjaro and trying to plan a Christmas party for my nearest and dearest, I am surprised I even have time to shower and occasionally apply make-up.  So I am going to give you a blog post that is long on pretty and short on pithy.  Comments, that is.

 Andrea and Andy were married in the charming and historic Firehouse Restaurant Courtyard in Old Sacramento, Ca.






There was a time that I really disliked making boutonnieres.  I just found them tedious.  So one day I set out to change my mind and “make peace with the boutonniere”.  Now I love making them.  I love using sprigs and snippets and giving them a detailed touch.  They are like little works of art.