Wedding Decor A to Z- Artistry

June 22, 2009

First in a series of topics about wedding decor, planning and trends categorized A to Z.

(A) is for Artistry– It is so important to hire professionals that have a passion for their chosen careers. Artistry comes from passion.

I love what I do. I love designing flowers. I have so much fun choosing just the right colors, textures, accessories and patterns that combine to make an event memorable. Every time I walk into the flower market I am excited by that week’s offerings. Finding just the right flower to offset the chosen colors of an event is thrilling.

Beth with True Love Photo says I look like a five year old proudly presenting my treasured macaroni creation when I am giving the bride her bouquet. Truly, it feels that way. I love my designs and I hope my clients can see the artistry, passion and love I put into everything I create.
Image by Christa Hoffarth