Wedding decor A to Z- Budget

June 27, 2009

Series of topics about wedding decor, planning and trends categorized A to Z.

B is for Budget– Everyone has a budget. Budgets can be large or small, realistic or unrealistic, do-able or “No way!!” But I do not want to delve too deeply into the budget topic in this post. It would be too looooooong a post. Instead I thought it would be fun to offer some ideas for “fooling” the eye when it came to your floral budget (No- I am not going to tell you to choose flowers in season because haven’t we all heard that little gem once too many??)

Have Fun!! Really- choose designs that are different, playful and interesting. Often times you can get a lot of “Wow” with out too much “Ow” when you are creative with your flower designs. Submerge flowers in a clear vase (pictured left) and float a candle on top. Instead of corsages give the all the honored women rings accented with flowers. Use candles floating in water instead of the more expensive pillar candles.

RecycleAsk your friends and family (and friends of family) that were recently married if they have vases, candles or other items you can use in your wedding decor. Often times they are happy to get rid of the boxes and free up space in their house. If not, just guilt them into giving you the stuff.

Reuse- I love to re-purpose the flowers from the ceremony to decorate the reception. Some of my favorite ways to do this is: Use arch decor on the head table, use aisle flower clusters in posy cones to hang from wall sconces, aisle clusters can also be placed in short vases and used to decorate around the reception room, place large ceremony arrangements behind the cake table or head table. Pick up every single rose petal from the aisle and re-use them on the guest tables. Oh come on- I am just kidding about that last one. 🙂
Color- Use high impact color combinations. Hot pink, orange and lime green are going to give you a lot more visual decor than a room full of ivory and white flowers.
Image by Allison Stahl