Wedding Decor A to Z- Color

August 14, 2009

Series of topics about wedding planning, flowers and wedding trends categorized from A to Z.


One of the first decor directions you will establish when planning your wedding is color choice. Color plays a huge role in the feel and look of your event.

I want to talk about color impact in flowers by discussing two ends of the scale. All white flowers and brightly colored flowers.

All white flowers are the traditional choice for weddings. White symbolizes purity and a fresh start. But when using all white flowers there are a few problems to consider.

Lack of impact: When designing with white flowers there is a lack of the initial “Wow” factor. When your guests first enter the reception they may not be immediately bowled over by the impact of the flowers. Additionally, all white flowers have a tendency to disappear in photos. How do you compensate for this? By either using masses of white flowers or by using the flowers in an interesting and unusual design.

The picture above is of centerpieces in shades of white and touches of green. What makes these centerpieces interesting is the use of textural elements and the varying shades of white. The variety of textures and shades keep the flowers from blending away into a white “blur”.

White flowers are more delicate: If your event takes place in the heat of the summer your white flowers might suffer for it. White flowers show bruises and heat damage faster and easier than deeper colored flowers.


Brightly colored flowers at weddings have become more popular. for several reasons. But for me- I love bright flowers at a wedding because they communicate joy and happiness.

More bang for your flower buck:
Bright flowers give your reception room a lot of impact and visual excitement. Another consideration is bright or high contrast flowers will photograph beautifully.

More flower choices make good budget sense: When your floral designer is not limited to one specific color but is working with a palette of colors it allows for smart purchasing decisions. When I am working with a range of colors, I can take advantage of great specials offered by flower wholesalers and growers. This means more blooms for my bride and groom!

I guess you can tell where my heart lies. In a bed of sunshine, citrus and candy colored blooms!