What’s in your toolbox?

July 13, 2009

I am inspired by another post I just read by Kristin over at Wedding Bee Pro. How cool to read some of the things that go into her toolbox.

I have been designing flowers for about 20 years. But still every event teaches me something new. Over the years I have learned so many tricks and tips that I could write a book! My toolbox list has developed from many, many events and many, many mishaps, problems, Oops and “Oh No’s!”.

Here is a look at what my tool box looks like. I like the open tool bag better than the traditional tool box because I can grab the needed tool and run. I can also see everything at a glance.

Now for the list:

2- clippers
1- knife
1- scissors
1- pliers
1- wire cutters
glue gun and glue sticks
rubber bands (great for gathering fabric)
Pipe cleaners (all purpose fastener)
Cable ties (I was once told “If it can’t be fixed with duct tape and cable ties; it isn’t worth fixing.”)
Green floral wire
Corsage and boutonniere pins
Floral Tape
Water proof tape
Greening pins
Thin black ribbon (for boutonnieres)
Thin ivory ribbon (for corsages)
Adhesive clay (for sticking arrangements to the top of containers)
Floral glue (special glue that glues flowers with out damaging them)

Lint roller (Great for getting little bits of flowers and greens off linens)
Windex wipes (I am super picky about finger prints on vases and candle glass)
Polish wipes (Great for getting finger prints off metal vases and containers)
Garbage bags (flowers create and HUGE mess)
Tide to go pen (works wonders)
Clorox bleach pen
Shout wipes
Baby wipes (good for getting the dirt and grime off linens)

3M hooks (they are wonderful for hanging items and not leaving a residue)
Clamps (the rubber tipped clamps are fab for attaching fabric to structures with out damage)
White out (In a pinch White Out will cover bruising on white flower petals with out causing further damage to the flower)
Candle Stick-um (Holds candles in holders)
Suction hooks (for hanging wreaths or flowers on glass doors)
Quarters (Parking meters eat quarters)
Double sided tape
Scotch tape
Low candle holders (for when the couple forgets the holders for their unity candle)
Water tubes
Glue Dots
Long lighter
Off- set spatula (great for repairing the icing on a wedding cake)