Where do you get your flowers?

When I started in the field of floral design, 20 years ago (yikes!) cut flowers that were grown and shipped from another part of the world for the average florist to use were rare. Partly because of the cost of expedited shipping and partly because communications between growers, wholesalers and the florist were cumbersome and difficult. With the advent of the Internet and improved shipping channels it has become commonplace for florist to use product from all over the world every single day.

This picture below is of a Groom’s boutonniere I designed this past October. Where did those flowers come from? Let’s break it down-
Dendrobium orchids- Hawaii
Ruscus- Florida
Hypericum berries- Columbia

I find is fascinating that such a small item’s parts hail from three different parts of the world.
What about the picture of the bridal bouquet above?
Roses- Eucador
Lilac- Holland
Hypericum- Columbia
Blushing Bride Protea- New Zeland
Scented geranium- USA- Oregon
Lisianthus- Columbia
Seeded Eucalyptus- USA- Florida
Hanging amaranthus- Columbia
Isn’t that amazing?
Over the past 20 years our world has changed dramatically. With the ease of communication the world has become such a small place. Countries and cultures that used to seem exotic and far away have become an intricately entwined with our everyday life.
Photo credits: Tee Taylor, True Love Photo
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